Team bonding via travelling is the new black

Or what the vacation with my work team in Mykonos taught me about human relationships.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Companies and agencies all over the world spend a great amount of time on an annual basis researching ways of creating or reinforcing team bonds (or, at least, that is what their employees wished they did).

But where does team bonding happen, whom does it include, and why is it important?

Team bonding primarily takes place at the ‘crime scene’: the workplace. It includes both the employees and the employers, since full team interaction is what makes an agency functional. But why should we be concerned about creating stronger relations between team members? When team members establish good relations among each other and in general get along, the workplace is not a dull obligation anymore; instead, the workplace is transformed into a friendly, safe space, where we get to spend one-third of our day working and having fun at the same time.

But where does team bonding happen, whom does it include, and why is it important?

By extension, the fun element makes a person more productive and the agency successful. Subsequently, employers are satisfied and willing to keep coming up with new ideas for an inclusive, human rights-compliant, contemporary workplace that deems progress a value and not a box you have to tick at the end of the month. Win - win, isn’t it?

Speaking from experience, since my position is primarily about communication, be it external or internal, team bonding can work miracles, especially when you find innovative ways to bring ‘magic’ into your work relationships. That is an attempt our agency made this September, when our employers decided to take the whole Pixual team on a trip to…… (drum roll)..... the island of Mykonos!

Employers and employees, we all stayed at the same accommodation, which introduced another ‘tricky’ element into the team bonding endeavour: living and working together 24/7 under the same roof. Luckily, we are all still alive and it could not have gone better, as we got to know each other on a more personal level and avoided cringe moments. We also had the chance to observe our teammates closely, which by extension made working together more fun and solidarity-driven. This trip was full of laughter (yup, the one that wakes up the neighbors), dancing (kind of cringe but full of freedom), singing (no comments), quality-food and carefree moments, and I think it brought us closer to each person’s vulnerable side. You know, I am talking about those moments when you all fall in love together with a specific song and keep repeating it the next day at work. Or those moments when you play board games and start teasing each other for your poor cheating skills. Or those moments when you realize you are part of something beautiful.

Now, as an Account/Project Manager, I would definitely be lying if I said that those intimate moments are not valuable work-wise. On the contrary, exploration of other people’s personal perspectives and quirks, helped me see clearer my teammates’ boundaries, what makes them feel more appreciated, what triggers their creativity and work enthusiasm, and what can ‘kill’ their happy mood. I can argue that this kind of insight is undoubtedly useful when it comes to organizing a project with the team, since being part of a happy team ‘spreads’ positive feelings all over our work desk, and it makes us feel we belong together in and outside of the office.

Well, now you know it: team bonding via travelling is the new black and it is here to stay. If you have not had this experience with your team yet, pitch this idea in, sit back, relax and watch what happens next. It is all about letting all the good vibes flow and contribute to a stronger, more united team that deals with both the waves and the sunny moments. Worst case scenario, you will end up learning by heart some Britney Spears lyrics, which brings me back to my initial statement: it’s a win-win! 

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